What makes Vectra 3D Bristol County Veterinary Hospital’s product of choice?
Effectiveness. Vectra 3D kills fleas and ticks faster than any other product, and that’s if the parasites can even get past its repelling feature. Vectra 3D repels fleas, ticks, and even mosquitoes better and more safely than any other product currently on the market. Why treat Tick Borne Disease when we can just prevent it?

Is it safe to use on cats?
No. Vectra 3D is NOT safe for use on cats. While it has a lower percentage of permethrin than other popular flea and tick products, Vectra 3D is only considered safe for application on dogs. Given the frequent grooming cats perform on themselves they can easily ingest this permethrin, causing potentially fatal complications. Vectra 3D is not fatal when ingested by dogs, though it may cause excess salivation and mild GI upset if ingested when wet. Once the product has dried there are no problems if a dog should lick at the area.

We recommend Revolution for flea prevention on cats.

Can I use Vectra 3D on my dog if I also have cats?
Yes. Keep dogs and cats separated for a 2 to 6 hour period after application, and try to avoid petting your dog in the application area for this duration as well. Once dried the product is safe to come into contact with. It may be easier to apply Vectra 3D at bedtime or when your dog can be safely kenneled for the 2 to 6 hour period.

How is Vectra 3D administered?
A topical product, Vectra 3D is applied monthly to the skin along your dog’s back. A special applicator automatically parts the hair as you move the vial from back to front. Easily applied with only one hand!

How does Vectra 3D work?
Fleas and ticks are killed on contact with a dog who has been treated with Vectra 3D.  While you may still see a flea or tick moving sluggishly on your dog, 99.9% of fleas and ticks will die before they bite.

What active ingredients are present in Vectra 3D?
– Dinotefuran: Quickly kills fleas.
– Pyriproxyfen: Prevents the development of flea larvae, pupae, and eggs.
– Permethrin: Repels and kills ticks, black flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, and cheyletiella mites.

How fast does Vectra 3D kills fleas?
While the majority of fleas are repelled by Vectra 3D, those that manage to remain on the dog are quickly neutralized by the Dinotefuran, as 68% of fleas expire within 2 hours, and 100% within 6 hours. Additionally, the Pyripoxyfen inhibits growth regulation in the flea eggs, pupae, and larvae, helping to prevent infestations in your home.

How fast does Vectra 3D kill ticks?
99.9% of ticks are repelled by Vectra 3D within 2 days of its application.  Ticks coming into contact with a dog treated with Vectra 3D will die within 24 to 48 hours, and though they may still be seen moving on your dog they should appear sluggish and unable to bite.

How often is Vectra 3D applied?
Monthly.  We recommend year-round application as parasites can readily emerge at the earliest thaw.  There is a wide margin of safety if Vectra 3D is accidentally applied “too soon.”

 How does swimming or bathing affect my dog’s protection?
If your dog swims regularly, and you see a drop in mosquito repellency, Vectra 3D can be reapplied earlier at 3 weeks from the last application.  Dogs can be bathed weekly and still maintain effective protection.  When applying Vectra 3D be sure that your pet is completely dry if recently bathed, and allow 2 to 6 hours for the product to dry before bathing.

How does Vectra 3D stay on my dog?
Bioadhesives in Vectra 3D help to bond the active ingredients to the skin.  The product moves across the skin after application, adhering to prevent the product from easily washing off.

 Are there any negative side affects?
Vectra 3D has the lowest percentage of reactions of any topical flea and tick control products on the market, including Frontline®, Frontline Plus®, and Advantix®.  The most common adverse reaction dogs may experience is a tingling sensation where the product has been applied.

What happens if my dog rolls in the dirt after Vectra 3D was applied?
Wait 2 to 6 hours for the product to dry, then brush out the dirt, and the product will still be effective.

Can Vectra 3D be purchased online from sites like 1-800-Pet- Meds?
No.  Vectra is only available through your veterinarian’s office.  CEVA, the manufacturer of Vectra 3D, works with veterinarians to ensure that only healthy animals are treated with their product.  If your dog has a condition contraindicated with the use of Vectra we can advise you on its usage.  We’re also able to guarantee that you receive a legitimate product that has not been tampered with.

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