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Pet Wellness/Diagnostic Exams

The physical exam of your pet and beloved family member is at the heart of our practice.

Why do a wellness exam?

In today’s world, it is easy to start viewing the body as separate pieces (i.e. an eye problem, an ear problem, etc.). After all, that is what human medicine has taught us. However, your pet’s body has many systems that WORK TOGETHER. That is why when we examine your pet, we are looking at everything from head to toe to make sure that nothing is missed and to look at your beloved family member as a whole and not a sum of individual pieces.

Our comprehensive approach

You will see our veterinarians look at your pet’s eyes, their ears, their teeth, their gums, listen to their heart, their lungs, feel their abdomen for abnormal lumps or bumps, look at their skin for lesions, parasites, tumors, feel their lymph nodes for swelling and check their joints for inflammation, range of motion or pain. We do this all while talking to your pet and trying to make them as comfortable as possible. The ideal exam is giving the animal exam and having the animal think they are simply being loved on and petted.

When the exams are done, we will discuss things that are obvious, things that may need to be treated and discuss further work-up such as cytology, laboratory testing, radiographs, and/or ultrasound if something needs to be looked at closer.