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Pet Information

Pet Insurance

If your pet is covered under a veterinary insurance policy, please list the company name and policy number:
*If your pet is not covered by pet insurance, please note that we here at Bristol County Veterinary Hospital highly recommend it. Please ask us about the different plans out there and what we consider to be the top three.

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Additional Information

BCVH vaccination & testing recommendations for cats:

Core vaccines that every cat should receive-

  1. Rabies (per state law)
  2. Distemper (FVRCP)

Non-core vaccines based on lifestyle-

  1. Feline Leukemia vaccine (FeLv): for cats that go outside, regardless of supervised or not.”

Semi-annual & annual testing-

  1. Feline Leukemia and AIDs (FeLv/FIV) testing: this testing is highly recommended for all cats 11 weeks old and older. Retesting is not required unless potential for contracting one of these diseases arises. A negative FeLv test is required to start the FeLv vaccine series.
  2. Bloodwork & urinalysis testing:
    • Required prior to any anesthetic procedure
    • Annual testing recommended for pets of all ages
    • Semi-annual testing for cats 5 years and older, and those that are on chronic medications.
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