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All You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is peace of mind. It’s the ability to make decisions regarding your pet’s health without having to factor in the cost of care.

What is pet insurance?

Pet Insurance supports you when you need it most. But like any other kind of insurance, it’s important to understand what you’re paying for, and what exactly is covered. A variety of insurance plans exist today to suit your pet’s needs. Some cover only unexpected events such as accidents and illness. Others offer wellness plans to help with the cost of routine visits and treatments. You’ll want to find a plan that will fit your needs and your budget, and we’re here to help with that.

Pet insurance plans are so simple to set up even more so now that software for insurance agencies is being used which makes life easier for both the agent and the customer. 365 Pet Insurance is another great resource for searching for the right pet insurance. Click here to learn more.

Pet insurance at a glance

Below you’ll find some helpful infographics, definitions, and links to review sites and the most popular pet insurance companies. We’ve also compiled an across-the-board comparison of the six primary pet insurance companies and built a calculator to let you see how the monthly premiums match up based on your specifications. You can also view the percentage of your fellow pet parents enrolled in each plan in the accompanying pie chart.

Percentages of our pet parents using the top six insurance companies:

pie chart

Trupanion helps to clarify the pet insurance process:

pet insurance graphic

Pet Insurance 101 graphic created by Trupanion.