To Our Beloved Bristol County Veterinary Hospital Family,

Although it’s only been 3 months since COVID-19 changed the world, at times it feels like years. We miss all of you dearly but are happy to be able to speak with you on the phone and cuddle with your furry family members when they come into the clinic. I think I am starting to feel how teachers feel, a sense of pride and partnership with all of you since we get to house them and care for them throughout the day. We truly have been able to see more of their personality and although I know it’s been hard on all of you, selfishly, I have enjoyed my time with your pets.

Right now we are still planning on continuing these types of visit through the month of June and I am working with other clinics on trying to figure out how our new normal with part in-house visits and part drop-offs may look. As always, our first priority will be the safety of our staff, all of you and the pets so please be patient with us as we start to look at this and figure out the safest and best way to do things. We anticipate this new normal will be our new normal until a cure or vaccine for COVID-19 has been produced.

On another note, I feel like I would be remiss in not saying something about the other issues in this country this past week as I know it has affected many of us. I don’t want to get political but suffice it to say, in a pandemic world with strife and hatred flying around as well, as a mother, it really causes me to reflect on the world that my children are growing up in. It can be quite unsettling and depressing and once again, I look to our furry family members to teach me and settle down these feelings of discomfort, depression, and sadness. Thank goodness for our pets and if there is one wish I have for all of humanity, it would be that they look to our pets to see how life should be lived. I wish that humans would notice how dogs and cats, aside from the typical rivalry, do not label each other by breed or color, they don’t judge one another and are blind to all physical attributes that we and they have. I wish that humans would learn how to give unconditional love like our canine compadres. I wish that humans could trust and accept the faults in one another and keep an open heart just as our furry animal friends do, even those who have been abused in the past by humans. I even wish that we can learn from the aloof, devious cats that love to give us a run for our money but in the end, curl up with us on those cold nights, purring the night away with true unconditional love and acceptance. As a higher being, humans have a lot to learn from the other species in this world.

Perhaps all this wishing is a crazy notion, but would rather wish and hope for the best for all of us, then throw in the towel… Feel free to share your thoughts with us as well.


Dr. Richards and the Entire Staff at BCVH