Specialty Services

Because of some great partnerships with travelling specialists, Bristol County Veterinary Hospital has the ability to offer our clients some select specialty services from the comfort of our clinic (your pet’s second home).
Dr. Mark Stamoulis, DVM, DACVIM (Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Cardiology), received his DVM from Tufts Veterinary School in 1988. He completed a small animal internship followed by a cardiology residency at the Animal Medical Center of New York in 1992. He has published articles on pacemakers in cats and heart disease in ferrets.

Dr. Stamoulis visits our clinic every other week to do echocardiograms, board certified abdominal ultrasounds, review holtor monitor reports and to consult with our Veterinarian staff on our cardiac patients. This gives our clients and their pets the ease of having consistent follow-up with a cardiologist that doesn’t involve travel.

Board Certified Complex Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery
Dr. Dave Clark, DVM, DAVCS (Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgery), has a traveling surgery practice for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Prior to this, he was the Head of Surgery at Oklahoma State University (hence the cowboy boots).

Dr. Clark is able to perform board certified surgeries such as cruciate repairs, patella luxations, mass removals, anal gland surgeries, and many more. Because of this, clients have the ability to have surgery here at our hospital receiving the top level of surgery from a boarded surgeon without having to travel to a specialty clinic.

Abdominal Ultrasound and Complex Internal Medicine Cases
Dr. Aurora Richards-Stipnieks, DVM, while not board certified, spent an extra year of training as an intern in internal medicine. In addition to this, she has completed Beginner to Advanced Abdominal imaging courses for abdominal ultrasounds. For this reason, for mild complex internal medicine cases, and for ultrasounds, should travel to a specialist not be feasible, Dr. Richards is willing and ready to work on your complex internal medicine cases, including some oncology cases.
Complex Dermatology Cases

Dr. Claire McCaffrey, DVM, while not board certified, also spent an extra year of training as an intern in different specialty rotations. It is here where she fell in love with skin cases. Because of her love of dermatology and the satisfaction she gets in alleviating the itch for her furry patient and irritation for her human client, she has continued her education by spending one day a week shadowing board-certified dermatologists at Tufts Veterinary School and at Angell in Boston. Therefore, she can do a special skin consult and plan for those that may have complicated skin issues and are unable or unwilling to see veterinarian dermatologist.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)
Dr. Cassie Sheehan is now offering Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) services. This includes herbal medicine and food therapy. TCVM is a complete system of medicine that evaluates patients through pulse and tongue exam and can be extremely helpful in treating old and debilitated patients with chronic disease, patients that are on hospice care, as well as patients that are sensitive to western medications. Using both eastern and western knowledge Dr. Cassie is able to blend the treatments to get the safest most effective treatment for your pet.
Medical Manipulation Services
Dr. Cassie Sheehan is now offering veterinary medical manipulation services. Medical manipulation is a therapeutic treatment where the joints are motion palpated and when a malalignment is discovered or the joints are not moving well, a gentle thrust is applied to allow improved function to the body. This is similar to chiropractic adjustments in humans. These manipulations can increase comfort, mobility and even the immune system through a decrease in stress hormones through the body. Medical manipulation is helpful for older pets who have decreased mobility as well as younger pets who need better performance and/or injury prevention.
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