Ensure A Safe Stroll: Tips To Shield Your Puppy From Hazards While On Walks

Make March 30 a day to remember with your pup, and celebrate Take a Walk in the Park Day! However, take care that potential risks do not ruin what could be an extraordinary experience. While strolling along with your four-legged companion, keep watch for the following issues that may arise.

#1: Parasites

Parks are the perfect place for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal parasites to thrive. Keep your pet safe from these pesky pests by administering preventative treatments year-round and conducting a thorough nose-to-tail check once you get back home – it could be the difference between health and harm!

#2: Wildlife

As your pup follows their nose around the park, they may stumble upon wild creatures’ burrows, nests, or resting places. Even if these animals usually distance themselves when people and pets come too close to them, they can become aggressive in order to protect their younglings or food source/home. Furthermore, wild animals often hold diseases and parasites which makes it best for them not to be bothered.

#3: Other dogs

Vigilance is key when walking your dog, particularly if either pet has a tendency to react under duress. Should an off-leash puppy come bounding towards you and yours, take extra care in monitoring the situation and ensuring that neither pup feels threatened by their presence. Whenever possible, steer clear of bustling parks where multiple dogs may be present at once – this reduces the chance of any altercation from occurring or escalating out of hand.

#4: Traffic

When walking to a park, be extra vigilant of any vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians that you may encounter. Make sure your furry companion stays securely by your side to avoid any potential mishaps. An untethered pet with a retractable leash can quickly venture into traffic and even trip someone who is passing nearby. Furthermore, the leash could easily snap if the animal chases after an unsuspecting squirrel!

If your furry companion loves the outdoors, keep them safe from harmful infections and parasites by arranging regular preventive care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for optimal pet wellness.