The Year 2020 has been an interesting one but there is a ray of sunshine peeking out from 2021 with the promises of vaccines and new therapies. I have relied on my pets to get me through this and have had the benefit of still getting to see your pets to help as well. However, I have to say, I miss seeing our human clients and the daily socialization. We at BCVH hope that all of you are staying safe and hanging in there.

Aside from the COVID struggle, the need for pet care has skyrocketed and things have been busy here. This has been a frustration as we like to be able to help our clients everyday of the week and it has been hard to fit everyone in. But, before 2021, there is hope on the horizon for that as well.

In December we will be welcoming a new veterinarian to our practice, Dr. Cassandra Sheehan. Not only does Dr. Sheehan brings years of experience as a veterinarian to our clinic she will be able to expand our offerings as well by allowing us to have more appointment and emergency slots available to meet your pet’s needs as emergencies arise. In addition, she is certified in acupuncture and veterinary medical manipulation (chiropractic) and has experience in herbal medicine and food therapy. Her addition will be a perfect combination with the rest of our veterinarian team.

So, although it seems scary out there right now, and yes “winter is coming,” the rays of hope are there in more ways than one. We just all need to hang in there together, support each other, be kind and continue onward for in the end, the human spirit will survive (especially from the unconditional love our pets provide to all of us)! Happy Holidays to all of you!

Dr. Richards & the Staff at BCVH