Dear Diary,

I was born on the streets of Rehoboth and I was found on the side of the road; my name is Jack. The day that they found me, they put me in a box and took me to a scary place. It was a loud place with lots of people, lights, and big machines. They took me down many stairs and then set my box down on a desk in a big empty room. I was so scared that I didn’t move from the box for the first few days. I loved that box because here I was safe from all the scary things that I’d seen. After a few days, a big hand reached out from the sky and grabbed me, placing me down in the middle of the big room. This room was different than the room that I saw upstairs. This room was big and had so many things to explore. There was a big desk with mountains of papers and lots of pens to play with. I saw my box sitting on the top of that big desk waiting for me, but there were so many things to explore!

I went on an adventure and walked around all of my new house. Sometimes the people from above would come down to play with me and my toys, to rub me on the back or even better, to give me food.

I learned that I was right to be scared of what goes on above two weeks later when I needed my shots. The nice lady who always came down to play with me stuck a big and painful needle in my leg and I was very angry with her. It took me a while before I let HER pet me again.

Besides making me get shots, they are really nice to me here and I love my home. My best friend is Maria (I think she is the boss here, but I’m not sure). Maria is always quiet during the day so I can sleep in the sun when I want. One day, Maria left her drawer of things open and because I didn’t want to leave her side (just in case she felt like rubbing my back) when it came time for my afternoon nap, I hopped in the drawer with all of her things. Maria didn’t mind that I was using her drawer (Maria is the best) and the next morning she emptied it out and filled it with blankets and toys for me.

Here, it is quiet, sunny, and there are always people who want to rub my back. A few months ago, I found out that this is actually a hospital where sick animals go! I don’t think that many cats would like living in a hospital, but this is my home and these are my people. They are kind and friendly and I love them all, just like they love me.