Just checking in again with our Bristol County Veterinary Hospital family.  We have spoken to many of you on the phone or seen your furry family members these past two weeks. We miss seeing you all but are happy for the joys of telecommunication and still being able to talk to you.

“In Three Words I Can Sum Up Everything I’ve Learned About Life: It Goes On” – Robert Frost

We still enjoy seeing our beloved patients and are grateful that you continue to share them with us and let us attend to their needs. We also enjoyed playing with the new puppies we are seeing here. I think like us, the pets need a break from being cooped up at home and they do have fun while here.

We do want all of you to know that we practice social distancing between the pets as well. With the latest positive case in a dog and two pet cats, the CDC is now recommending social distancing between pets as well.   Thankfully, there still have not been any cases of pets giving COVID to owners and luckily the pets that have seem to get COVID-19 from their infected owners have had mild to no signs. However, as we have learned from this disease, it is always better to be safe than sorry. So, here are a couple of guidelines on social distancing for our pets:

  • Restrict pets from interacting with other animals when outside the home
  • Keep cats indoors only when possible
  • Walk dogs on a leash while maintaining at least six feet from other people and animals
  • Interact with your pets at home like you normally would but wash hands frequently
  • Keep your pets isolated from any infected family members; and,
  • Avoid dog parks and public areas with them

We follow all these guidelines here at the clinic for your pets and have been from the very beginning of the epidemic as these are natural veterinary guidelines meant to protect pets from other contagious diseases.

While all this new information is out, we are also starting to hear of businesses starting to open, states, and beaches starting to open and there are many mixed signals out there. These mixed signals create anxiety in us, our pets (that feel our anxiety), and none of us are untouched by this. For instance, I never seem stressed out. In fact, most of the staff will tell you I am super chill. And, although I may seem calm, I’m having trouble sleeping at night. My brain is constantly running with thoughts on modifications to keep everyone safe at work, what will happen with my kids, not being able to visit family overseas, and what will happen in this strange new world of ours.  So, I redirect. I try to concentrate on the positives and hope all of you do too. We are all spending more time with our family (which includes our pets), we are learning how to take it easy, we are learning how to get to the basics and starting projects that before we were all too busy to do. I truly believe that behind this madness, there is a gift of realization waiting for all of us to embrace.  Stay safe out there our BCVH Family and feel free to share your stories of hope and joy with this new normal.

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