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Bristol County Veterinary Hospital is open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, from 10 to 12 hours per day.  Our hospital is fully staffed and prepared for any pet emergency that may present to us.

The entire veterinary staff at BCVH is highly trained with extensive experience treating a wide range of animal emergencies. Our state-of-the-art veterinary hospital features a fully equipped diagnostic laboratory, radiology department, ultrasound, and surgical suite. Our commitment is to provide clients and their pet(s) with the most advanced veterinary medical care, encompassing state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments in a caring and compassionate atmosphere that is second to none.

Is it an Emergency?

The following list includes some signs suggestive of emergency conditions. There are many more symptoms that could be included so please call us at (508).336.3381, for advice if you are unsure if your pet is exhibiting signs of a serious condition.



Repeated or profuse vomiting Persistent diarrhea
Difficulty breathing, panting or open-mouthed breathing Repeated vomiting
Breathing rate greater than 50 breaths/min Non-productive retching
Seizures/twitching Strained or labored breathing
Excessive drooling Lethargy
Straining to urinate (especially males) Straining to urinate
Blood in urine Blood in urine
Inability to move Inability to move
Hiding Restlessness
Sudden weakness in a limb Dragging hind legs
Abnormal vocalization Abnormal vocalization
Any trauma Any trauma
Any string hanging out of any orifice (do not try and pull on string) Distended abdomen
Any toxicity or suspicion of ingestion of toxin/foreign object Possible ingestion of a toxin/foreign object

Possible Poison Ingestion

If you think your pet may have ingested a poison, call the ASPA Poison Control Center at (888).426.4435, immediately. They will advise you as to whether the substance ingested was toxic and whether you should seek emergency veterinary care. Click the ASPCA image below for more information on poisons and your pet.

After-Hours Emergency Care

We are not available for after-hours emergencies. However, we are fortunate to have the following high quality Emergency Care facilities that we recommend that can provide you and your pet much needed resources in the event of an emergency. Click the below images for directions and other information on these emergency hospitals.


Mass-RI Veterinary Emergency Services

477 Milford Rd
Swansea, MA 02777



Ocean State Veterinary Specialists

1480 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02818
(401)886-OSVS (6787)

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Client Reviews

If you’d like to leave us a review please click the stars below. We appreciate your feedback!

I highly recommend Bristol County Veterinary Hospital.  I trust them with my two dogs, and I have referred others that have been equally satisfied with the care that they provide.

I have just moved my pug and other family members. Millie needed her nails clipped. She gets very stressed out during this routine procedure. The old vet had three people restraining her and they always drew blood. At Bristol the staff became concerned and they held her for few hours while carefully clipping her nails and ensuring her well being. In a follow up visit she seemed happy to be there.

I have been going to Bristol County for almost eleven years. Dr. Ripp and Dr. Richards and the entire team have always been caring, professional, and provide exceptional care to our dogs. I always appreciate the quick return phone calls if I have asked a question and the personal care of speaking to either Dr. Ripp or Dr. Richards when bloodwork comes back (even on a Saturday!). Maddie & Jeter are not afraid of the vet because of the wonderful care and love they receive from everyone here. I wouldn’t take my dogs anyplace else!

I have used this vet as far back as I can remember. The staff is extremely kind. They know their job inside and out! I highly recommend anyone seeking a vet should call and try them out for yourself. GREAT!

Everyone who works at Bristol County is so nice. You can tell they hire people who enjoy and love animals. I always appreciate the care that both my dogs receive from the vets at Bristol County. Dr. Ripp and Dr. Richards and their assistants are wonderful. I always feel they listen to me and provide excellent feedback. Thank you to the entire staff at Bristol County!

Great care for your pets from a caring staff and top notch management! Any issues taken to management are taken seriously and quickly resolved, all in addition to skilled doctors and techs.

Foxy was treated like “gold” by the staff and Dr. Richards. Information concerning vaccinations and treatments were informative and helpful. As always, it was a great experience for Foxy, who loves all the attention she gets every time she goes to Bristol County Vet. Thanks for everything.

Each and every time I visit Bristol County Vet Hosp. myself and my dogs are treated with excellent care. Besides the excellent care we receive they make my dogs feel so very special. Each and every time we arrive they get very excited and want to run right in.
Also, anytime I call for advise or information everyone in the front is very helpful no matter how busy they are and answer all my questions or forward them to the doctor who in turn always returns my call the same day.