To Our Beloved Clients,

We hope you and your loved ones are faring well during these times. These truly are unprecedented times with constant uncertainty thrown into the paths of each and everyone of us. No one is immune to this. I feel like I am continually getting off one of the amusement park rides where the platform is moving beneath one’s feet and I need to navigate from point A to point B.

In the continual shifting navigation, we want to keep you up to date on some developments here at BCVH to continue to provide the safest, highest quality service to your pets during this pandemic:

Concierge Services: During some of our busier times, you will see a concierge attendant sitting outside to help with the wait times on the phone and to get everyone checked in. Amanda will be asking clients dropping off to fill out questionnaires, sign treatment authorizations at drop-off and will be running payments in and out for patient pick-ups, curbside appointments, and medication pick-ups. She will have cold water in a cooler for those of you waiting outside who are getting hot as well, so just ask.

Online Questionnaire Forms: Not being able to go over history questions in person is difficult but so important for us doctors to be able to provide your pet optimal care. We can always have you fill out questionnaires when you arrive, but if you want to save time, these forms are now available to fill out on our website. They can be found here:

Forward Booking: It is never too early to reserve a spot for your pet’s next wellness, surgery, or follow-up. In fact, since Dr. McCaffrey moved with her family to the Midwest, we have had less appointment availability and we are booking far out. Because we save daily spots for sick visit slots, we are booking out for wellnesses and other routine care (including tech visits). We will be sending out reminders earlier to help with this and will have our staff book those vaccine boosters and progress appointments the day we suggest them but feel free to give us a gentle reminder if we forget.

New Rehab Service: One of our senior technicians, Alison Fodor, has extensive training in rehab medicine. This includes PT for animals, massage therapy, exercises, and laser therapy. The importance of these ancillary services to pets with chronic pain or arthritis can not be overstated. She is starting to set-up appointments for clients that are interested in these services. If you are interested, please email her directly at She is currently out of the office this week so give her a week or so to respond to you.

As is necessary in these times, we will continue to evolve and change to accommodate and offer the best service we can. I will continue to update you with blogs and letters to keep everyone posted. On a personal note, please be patient and kind with us as these are new times and things change. In addition, please be kind to yourselves. Find that one thing that gives you the certainty we are all lacking and hold onto it and treat yourself to it. We are all in this together. We must all watch out for each other and we must all take care of ourselves as well. We sink together or we swim together. The choice is ours.

Dr. Richards and the BCVH Staff